Salão do Móvel de Milão 2021 prorrogado para setembro

Ambiente no Salone del Mobile
Ambiente no Salone del Mobile (fotos Studio Prestes)

O Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano foi prorrogado para 5 a 10 de setembro de 2021. A pandemia e as possibilidades de vacina no mundo realmente não deixam alternativa segura para os grandes eventos serem realizados no primeiro semestre de 2021. Já no segundo semestre, a possibilidade de a maioria das pessoas estar vacinada é grande e, portanto, o periodo passa a oferecer mais segurança em caso de aglomerações. Será a primeira edição fora do mês de abril, justamente no ano da 60ª edição da gigantesca plataforma de lançamento de design no mundo.

Luminárias Qeboo no Salone del Mobile
Luminárias Qeboo no Salone del Mobile (fotos Studio Prestes)

Eis o comunicado na íntegra:


Salone del Mobile.Milano 2021 will be held in September

We are finally in a position to announce the date, following lengthy and wide-ranging discussions between the Management of the Salone del Mobile and Fiera Milano, allocated the delicate task of finding the best possible solutions to enable the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2021 to go ahead, whilst guaranteeing safety in light of the ongoing pandemic.The sixtieth edition of the Salone will be held in 2021, not in April as is traditional, but from 5th to 10th September.

President of the Salone del Mobile, Claudio Luti, had this to say: “Being able to hold the Salone next year is an absolute priority for all those of us whose lives revolve around design. We have tried very hard over the last few weeks not to make proclamations or announcements that might subsequently have to be denied or revised in view of the evolving situation. Moving the dates of the Salone del Mobile is not just a matter of rejigging the calendar, it also has to consider the many days needed to set up and dismantle the various pavilions, which in turn have to fit in with the demands of many other fairs held in the Fiera Milano spaces. Now that we have achieved the best possible all-round solution, thanks to the collaboration of Fiera Milano, we are in a position to confirm the new date.
We also believe that moving the fair to September will leave enough time for the ongoing acute phase of the pandemic to subside and that this will provide a real chance to kickstart design at global level. We all need the Salone in Milan. Over the last few months, clients and designers from all over the world, and the press that follows us at international level, have been asking us constantly to confirm the dates for this edition. We’ll be there, and we’ll be even more attractive and more motivated, just as motivated as the companies working to design and manufacture the best possible products.  After such a lengthy period of physical and social distancing in every sphere, we would like to be able to see the Salone as an opportunity for actual meeting and discussion, and a chance for us all to share our excitement with a city buzzing with new ideas

The 60th edition will bring together for the first time all the product categories, representing a special moment.


Milan, 26th November 2020
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